The Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and The Mobile Batch Plant Compared

There are two main types of concrete batching plants. There are stationary models and mobile models. Knowing what jobs you must do will help you determine if you need one or the other or both.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant
Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

What Is A Concrete Stationary Batch Plant?

This type of machine is intended to be installed in a warehouse, facility or outdoors at a permanent job site. This remains in place and needs a foundation when it is being installed.

These are large units that will work well for companies that produce concrete mixes for sale. They are fast and reliable and will produce either dry concrete or wet concrete mixes. When shopping for them you will want to take note of the tons per hour that they produce so that you get one that will keep your business productive.

These are more expensive than mobile concrete plants(plantas móviles) are but they last for many years. New machines come with warranties and service agreements and, if your company is especially budget-conscious, used machines are also available. They also come with service agreements.

AIMIX Mobile Type Concrete Batching Plant
AIMIX Mobile Type Concrete Batching Plant

What Are Mobile Concrete Batch Plants?

Mobile plants work along the same principles as stationary plants(plantas estacionarias) but they are smaller and can be moved from one job site to another. You will see some of them come with trailer wheels and are easy to transfer from one location to another.

They are also capable of producing plenty of hot or wet mixes by the ton per hour. They allow your team to get the mix needed and pour it on the area being constructed. These mobile machines are common in road and bridge construction.

They make smaller batches than stationary machines do. They do not require a foundation to be installed. They are ready to set up and get to work in a few hours. You and your company can make quality concrete mixes fast and conveniently. Some machines work vertically and others horizontally. If you do not see the type of machine that would work for your projects, ask about custom-made mobile concrete batching plants.

If you need a permanent machine but your facility has limited space, you can opt to buy a mobile concrete plant instead of a stationary one. This allows you to get the productivity you need in a compact machine that will fit the space that you have for it.

AIMIX Concrete Batching Plant For Sale
AIMIX Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

These are the basic comparisons of the two machines. Stationary units are more expensive, but they are permanent fixtures. Mobile units are cheaper but they allow you to take on jobs farther than you ever could before so they can be an excellent machine that gives your company huge ROI.

Start shopping for a concrete batch plant online. The best manufacturers have their products listed on their website(su sitio web) with full descriptions, spec sheets, and photos. You may need to call the company to get prices. If you do not see what you need always ask about custom products.

Shipping is available worldwide. Decide which type is right for you and buy it online.